Saturday, April 14, 2012

The end of Spring Break

I have 2 more days until its back to work. This spring break has basically sucked. We didn't go anywhere fabulous and the weather has been windy and chilly. I did go to Raleigh yesterday and eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Sweet Tomatoes. It was yummy and mostly vegetarian. Today I think yard work is on the agenda. I am hoping tonight might be a date night with the husband. Why don't men realize us women need to be wined and dined sometimes?

I completed week 1 day 2 of c25k yesterday. It was easier than day 1, which was extremely encouraging! I am thrilled to be running. Three days a week I work with a trainer in a group setting, and 3 days a week I do Zumba. All of this exercise makes me feel fantastic. For the first time in my life I am: 1) exercising and enjoying it, and 2) doing something for myself and sticking with it. This is HUGE for me! I must give myself a pat on the back. I have come to realize this fact: no one is going to take care of me, I must take care of myself, then others can begin to love me, after I start loving myself.

Happy weekend!

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